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International non-profit Think & do Tank bridging the Legal Industry, Public policy and Innovation

Global, interdisciplinary and independent Network of excellence dedicated to unleashing the potential of Human creativity and innovation.

A non-profit, independent 
Think Tank

Independent Think tank based in Paris, France, DeLeX Consortium is a non-profit Organization, committed to fostering Innovation, serving the Public interest.

DeLeX brings together an international and multidisciplinary network of Leaders (lawyers,  executives, academics, researchers, etc.).


DeLeX is an international platform focused on the exploration, normalization, and examination of cutting-edge technologies, with a particular emphasis on addressing legal, ethical, societal, and economic complexities.

Our mission is to craft public policy proposals aimed at shaping political debates and decision making in France and Europe.

DeLeX aims to fully play its role as an actor in the democratic debate on Innovation.

An international and interdisciplinary Network of excellence

DeLeX brings together and unite Legal professionals (Lawyers, Legal directors,...), Technology Experts, Industry leaders, non-profit Organizations, startups, universities, colleges, Research Institutes, Training centers, etc., in France and internationally.


This is a unique opportunity to contribute to shaping the innovative ecosystem of tomorrow, engage in in-depth discussions, participate in exclusive events with a high-level network, and increase your visibility and impact.

Join this fascinating movement now to take part in public debates and advocate for our ambitious vision among citizens, economic and political actors, as well as public authorities

Welcome to DeLeX Consortium

Are you passionate about innovation and its impact on society?

Join DeLex Consortium to shape a responsible digital future!


Technological advancements are revolutionizing our world, but they also raise crucial questions that require deep reflection.


How can we protect our individual rights while fostering collective progress?


How do we reconcile the economic, legal, strategic, and ethical dimensions with the evolving demands of society?


These challenges cannot be ignored. They demand proactive action and a clear vision for the digital future.


In this ever-evolving environment, striking a delicate balance between individual and collective interests is essential.


How can we ensure that technological advancements do not compromise our fundamental rights?


How can we develop policies and regulations that consider the long-term implications of innovation?

At DeLex Consortium, we firmly believe that international collaboration among key stakeholders is crucial to address these complex challenges.

We provide a platform for dialogue and research to facilitate cooperation among technology experts, academics, policymakers, businesses, and civil society.

As citizens, we have a responsibility to actively engage in these critical debates.


We must contribute to shaping a fair, responsible, and rights-respecting digital future.


Join us in the pursuit of responsible innovation and balanced governance!


Engage in enriching discussions on the ethics of innovation, protection of individual rights, and the challenges facing our society.

If you want to play an active role in responsible innovation, join our dedicated community now.

Together, we can shape a digital future that meets the needs of all and places humans at the center of innovation.

Join DeLex Consortium today and let's make a difference together!

DeLeX: Championing Innovation by Bridging Law, Public Policy, and Technology for Progress

Our Organization actively participates in the democratic discourse surrounding innovation, aiming to make a positive contribution to the ongoing dialogue and outcomes in this domain

Our non-profit association is dedicated to advancing the responsible and ethical use of state-of-the-art technologies, while addressing legal, societal, and economic implications.


We aim to shape public policy proposals that inform political debates and decision-making processes in France and Europe.


Join the movement to lead the change

Members, whether they are industry leaders, non-profits organizations, startups, universities, schools, research institutes, training centers, lawyers, tech experts, and more, can join DeLeX Consortium which provides support, visibility, and a range of benefits to those involved. 

This is a unique opportunity to be a game changer in the Legal and emerging Tech industries.


Our members are chosen for their commitment to responsibly building and investing in the future. 

Our membership reflects the diversity of this dynamic industry.


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Casual Business Meeting


Modern Work Space

Become a member of our Organization and join us in embracing the forefront of emerging technologies, analyzing them from a legal perspective, and leveraging the power of networking to pave the way for a groundbreaking vision of society.

Will you be part of this transformative movement?


47 boulevard de Courcelles, 75 008 Paris

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