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Hannan OTMANI, Founding President

  • LinkedIn
  • Lawyer, Paris Bar

  • Former Legal Director with more than 15 years of experience in the largest IT technology services and telecommunication companies in the world.

  • Former Head of EMEA Legal and Global DPO at TCL Group (80 000 employees in more than 160 countries, revenue of € 20 billion in 2021), Hannan has been hired with the mission to build and structure, from the bottom, the first Group Legal Department of the company.

  • Co-founder and CEO at PYONEAR (Legaltech)

  • Author of 2 published books: "Thrènes des loups", and "Les racines du Paradis"

réunion d'affaires

We wanted to create a new, special place, unique in the world, to build and lead with an international pool of passionate and talented experts, the first-ever Decentralized Legal Ecosystem, disrupting the traditional Legal World through innovation and human ingenuity.

DeLeX is a non-profit Organization, a member led, member driven Association, dedicated to re-thinking our whole approach to the Legal Industry.

At DeLeX, we are driven by the global mission to build a more secure and structured ecosystem through the Legal prism.

It all started with a series of simple questions, born from my belief that any Tech revolution is an incredible opportunity for the community of Legal professionals, to lead and structure the change through innovation, building a bridge between these emerging technologies and the Legal world.

Our association offers a privileged place for exchanges and cooperations between Legal peers, Tech experts, Brands, other professionals and partners.


Members, whether they are Lawyers, Tech Builders, Research institutes, prestigious schools, creators, industry leaders, value providers and artists, evoke a strong image.

Their independence is essential, their influence unique.


An Association structure increases transparency, removes the possibility of the organization being bought or merged and eliminates the dynamic of a single controlling entity.

The true owner of a non-profit Organization is its PURPOSE, which ultimately empowers greater independence and influence for our members and partners.

It takes the right team – diverse in its skills, opinions, and geography – to pioneer a global mission. 

To carry out the missions of our association, it relies on an active and ambitious office and board of directors but relies above all on the participation and commitment of each member to lead its projects, ensure its dynamism and influence.


At DeLeX, it is also key to create a strong intuitu personae among members, promoting the development of human and friendly ties and contributing to the richness of exchanges in a climate of trust.

So, if you are actively involved in new technologies, and would like to join us,

if you are passionate about this topic and want to contribute to numerous debates and projects,

if you want to be part of a global movement,

if you want to be heard by public decision-makers:

You are welcome in our game-changing network.

DeLeX relies on the most-advanced emerging technologies and the incredible power of networking paving the way for a new conception of the Legal industry.

Will you be part of this fascinating movement?

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